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No matter what the majority says, the past year was absolutely great.

No matter what the majority says, the past year was absolutely great.
Just consider: The world did not end xD

Of course there were bad things. Lots of hardships, tears and pain. But we people are so quick to only see the bad things and blow them out of proportion, not giving the nice experiences any weight. That’s because we take them for granted. My advice: Don’t ;)

Personally, I have made some great leaps forward this year. Lots of achievements, concerning not only my social life, carreer (or work) and mental health, but also a life long dream has been fulfilled.

So maybe my year was a little better than that of most, if you must count points. But yet, learning to appreciate the little things in life was also a lesson I just had learned this year. Maybe I’m preaching to the choir, but consider this a little cheer-up, if you had a year that in your eyes just sucked.

So. Here I am, looking back on a year that felt like an adventure to me. And I have lots and lots of more adventure right ahead of me. I don’t think a new year’s resolution is needed here.

Happy new year, everybody!

What do a mad scientist, the world line theory and a progressive trance beat combined make?

The Dancing Time Traveller.

This song essentially consists of two parts.
The first one I call “Mad Scientist”,
the second one “World Lines”.
One might hear why ;)

When releasing the Dancing Time Traveller EP both parts will also be included as independent tracks.

I would appreciate lots of feedback, especially because this is my very first progressive psytrance track.